Great Expectations

I was lucky enough to have had dinner at Arcadia Restaurant on Saturday night.

The mood was set with the with the all-time favorite classical music, Enya, playing in the background, and we were met at the door by our waitress.

Seeing as Arcadia has a “much-talked-about” wine collection, we thought we’d give the Leopard’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc a try – ┬áit was served in crystal clear and modern wine glasses. An absolute prerequisite when drinking (and enjoying) your wine.

Our drinks were followed by the platter for 2. Where do they learn to prepare lamb ribs like that? It was to die for! Not to mention the crumbed mushrooms.

On our way out we made a stop at the bar to meet our barman, Jonas Mesi. Just look at this guy pride while posing with our waiter….


Loyalty can’t be bought!

Well done Arcadia on giving us a fabulous night out right here in Kroonstad. If you like the sound of this, I don’t even want to begin imagining guest house booking here!!


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