Highly Recommended

If someone tells you that they would recommend something specific as a restaurant or guesthouse – what is your first thoughts? Are you a bit skeptical as I am, or are you someone that easily gets persuaded?

I’ve heard a lot of locals “recommend” the Arcadia Restuarant – so I did some digging.

Upon investigation, I discovered that the majority of the meat that Arcadia Restaurant uses in their restaurant is brought directly from Country Meat Butchery. This local butchery guarantees fresh and exceptional quality since their meat is handled 4 x times less than the normal retail butchery. This is made possible by the fact that they own their own abbatoir in Kroonstad.  The cherry on the cake is also that they won a Cleaver award during 2017 in the Free State category.  The proof is in the pudding – take your wife for a date night and discover it for yourself.

I went further and discovered that The AA endorsed Arcadia as “highly recommend” as part of their quality guarantee to customers. This certificate is more valuable than gold if you are in the hospitality business – and Arcadia owns one of these lovely little certificates.

If you’re ever in doubt about someone referring you to Arcadia Guesthouse & Restuarant you can have peace of mind. Exceptional and succulent meat is at the order of the day combined with highly recommend rooms and facilities!





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