Jak de Priesters visit to Arcadia Guesthouse & Restaurant

The well known South African Artist, Jak de Priester, recently chose our Guesthouse for his accommodation needs in Kroonstad. We were extremely chuffed in having him.

He visited Kroonstad for a private birthday celebration held at our Restaurant.

While he made the crowd fall in love with Afrikaans all over again, the guests were lavished with soul food that only Arcadia Guesthouse & Restaurant can offer. Why is it that Arcadia doesn’t seem to have it in them to mess up the food?? Perfect food presentation every time, not to mention unbelievable flavor!

Being Afrikaans, Jak entertained the Free State crowd like just he can in a perfect setting….our conference facilities is the perfect venue for intimate parties just like this. If you have the urge to do something similar for your function/celebration, be sure to contact us.


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